About the CCB

The Center for Cardiovascular Biology (CCB) at the University of Washington is a multidisciplinary research community focused on injury and repair of the human heart. Founded in 2003, the CCB fosters collaborations that explore the molecular mechanisms of disease and translate discoveries into potential treatments for the world’s leading cause of death. The center’s 28 core faculty members represent seven departments from the schools of Medicine and Engineering and operates the university’s longest-running seminar series – the CCB Breakfast Club.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of scientists with a common goal: to improve human health through collaborative cardiovascular research. We are biologists, engineers, and clinicians. We are problem-solvers, public servants, and early adopters. We are a training village. We are experts across scales and spaces. We are passionate about health equity and sharing knowledge. We are restless and relentless.

Mission and Vision

Each year, heart disease contributes to 18 million deaths worldwide and drains more than $200 billion from the U.S. economy. Yet, there has been just one approved drug in twenty years. We embrace this  call to action.

Today, the CCB is poised to build on the University of Washington’s legacy of leadership in cardiovascular research. We are attacking the problem at the point of impact, leveraging advances in technology, building a pipeline from the lab to the clinic and the private sector, publishing game-changing research, partnering with peer institutes, and recruiting and retaining talent at all levels who share our commitment to basic science and community health.