Research & Training

Research Focus

The Center for Cardiovascular Biology’s major research initiative is currently focused on reversing cardiovascular fibrosis. This goal will be achieved through the following research thrusts, which we believe will contribute to antifibrotic therapies and improved diagnostics to ultimately manage, prevent, or reverse fibrotic disease.

  1. Define fibroblast cell state dynamics and the molecular regulators of those states and their association with ECM remodeling and the fibrotic response.
  2. Decode disease & homeostatic signals in the ECM.
  3. Develop feedback control systems that define the regulation of dynamic ECM remodeling.
  4. Advance fibrotic imaging modalities & identifying biomarkers of fibrotic disease and their correlation with organ function and disease status.
  5. Develop multi-scale computational modeling & simulation as an overarching framework for integrating data collected from patients.

Research Cores

The Center for Cardiovascular Biology has a cardiovascular disease modeling and phenotyping core. The core provides training in surgical and genetic rodent models of cardiovascular disease and regeneration and assistance with large animal disease models (pigs and non-human primates).

Phenotyping platforms include:

  • State-of-the-art Vevo 3100 ultrasound machine for echocardiography and tissue Doppler imaging with 4D Strain analysis
  • Small animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Langendorff perfusion system for ex vivo working heart and coronary flow analysis
  • Millar invasive hemodynamic system
  • Involuntary treadmill running
  • Tail cuff blood pressure measurement system
  • Pathology equipment for sectioning, processing, and staining


The Center for Cardiovascular Biology and its research partners offer training opportunities for pre and postdoctoral trainees. 

  • The center Is associated with two training grants: Bioengineering Cardiovascular Training Program (BCTP) and Cardiovascular Research Training Program (CVTG).
  • The center offers a cardiovascular seminar series and distinguished lecture series, including career development lunches with external speakers.
  • The center sponsors a cardiovascular research day and trainee symposium, which are organized by trainees and feature their research – an outstanding opportunity to hone communication skills through poster and podium presentations as well as provides an opportunity for feedback from multiple faculty in the center and the UW research community as a whole.

For information about training opportunities contact:

Program Manager
Katie Mitzelfelt, PhD