Research Partners

Center for Translational Muscle Research (CTMR)

The CTMR is directed by Dr. Michael Regnier and is funded by an NIH P30 award. It has cores for skeletal and cardiac muscle research, including multi-scale analysis of contractile function, metabolism and metabolomics and computational and quantitative analysis.  Each core has developed protocols for human, animal and stem cell models and provides training at no cost to UW researchers and experimental assistance to scientists at UW and other US institutions.

Mitochondrial and Metabolism Center (MMC)

The MMC, directed by Rong Tian, PhD, is sponsored by the department of Anesthesia and includes five laboratories and facilities for analysis of mitochondrial function and animal muscle cell and stem cell derived muscle cell metabolism. The center has an Oxygraph and Seahorse apparatus, Langendorff perfusion apparatus, and a 17T NMR magnet for simultaneous measurements of function and energetics. Equipment use is free of charge.

Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (ISCRM)

Directed by Dr. Charles Murry, ISCRM is a state and donor funded institute that provides extensive facilities for research and training in stem cell biology, and acts as a vehicle for collaborative research.  ISCRM facilities include cores for: gene editing of stem cells (Tom and Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core), high throughput small molecule and shRNA screening (Quellos Core), imaging (Lynn & Mike Garvey Imaging Core) with 2 line-scanning confocal microscopes, multi-photon microscope, high-resolution widefield microscope, live-cell spinning disk confocal microscope, and electron microscopy; and genomics with 10X Chromium single cell transcriptomics platform and Illumina Nextseq 2000 sequencer.