Nathan Sniadecki
EMAIL: nsniadec@
PH: 206-685-6591

Nathan Sniadecki

South Lake Union

Dr. Nathan Sniadecki’s research is in the areas of cell biomechanics, bioMEMs, and bioinstrumentation. Specifically, his lab is developing micro- and nano-scale tools to understand the mechanical properties of cells. His lab uses arrays of flexible silicone posts to measure the traction forces of cells, computational modeling to examine cell mechanics, and microfluidic devices to investigate mechanotransduction in the cardiovascular system. The long-term goals of his work are to understand the ways in which mechanics plays a role in tissue growth and cardiovascular disease and how cell mechanics can be used to improve human health through better diagnostic systems and improved tissue engineering. Dr.. Sniadecki received the NSF CAREER Award in 2009, the DARPA Young Faculty Award in 2011, the Albert Kobayashi Professorship in 2013, and the Lloyd Hamilton Donnell Applied Mechanics Review Paper Award in 2014. Dr. Sniadecki is an associate editor for ASME’s Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. Spin-out companies from Dr. Sniadecki’s lab include Stasys Medical Corporation in 2012, a medical diagnostic for trauma-induced coagulopathy, and Micro Phone Lens in 2013, a stick-on lens for cell phone microscopy.